Watch this space.

Well, I have learned my lesson.

I am typing this blog entry in Word right now. I’m sure most other people figured out a long time ago that this (or some other self-saving, blog-specific software) was the way to go.

Not me. Until now.

I was happily typing away this morning, about to update EE with its first substantial entry in ages. I was chugging along on a piece about Darfur and celebrity activism, as a preamble/first draft for the Sojourners article I’m writing. I was amped.

It occurred to me once or twice that I should “Save as Draft” or copy and paste into Word, just in case. I am militant about saving when I’m writing in Word, but somehow that safety net escapes me whenever I’m blogging. There was even a nagging little voice that surfaced to remind me that I have, at times, managed spastic and involuntary navigation away from the page, and what was to ensure that this time would be any different?

I ignored the voice. I plowed ahead. I was kicking ass. I was on my second-to-last sentence.

The power went out.

I lost everything.

So did one of my co-workers, and she and I flailed around and moaned for a little while in the dark. We actually lay down on the grubby office carpet. There was sackcloth and ashes and rending of garments. I threw things.

I have no one to blame but myself, of course.

So now I am typing in Word, making sure my fingers hit Ctrl-S every few seconds. If anyone knows of a magic trick to resurrect the original entry I’d written in Blogger, I’d certainly appreciate it. A page somehow cached, perhaps. I know it’s most likely futile. Words are vapor when you don’t Ctrl-S them.

I’ll probably try to reconstruct the Darfur piece, because what’s happening there is important and I want to showcase some of the reflections of a friend on the ground. I’m still mourning the original words right now, even though I’m the one who neglected them and let them die.


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