I can't believe the news today.

Four students and a staff member are dead at Taylor University.

How many times have I driven that stretch of highway between Taylor and Fort Wayne?

I am overwhelmed by how unfair everything is.

This is too much I want to say and can't. Later. For now, I am grateful that students have an opportunity to grieve with one another without having to worry about going to classes. One of my worst memories of my time at Taylor is having to take a pop quiz the day after 9/11. Classes were not canceled on that awful day, and the "prayer service" consisted of belting out "A Mighty Fortress is Our God." I am exceedingly thankful that Taylor has a new president (among other assorted administrators) who recognizes the value of mourning corporately and taking time out from the ordinary when something this out-of-the-ordinary crashes in on our reality.


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