All I ever get for Christmas is blue.

I ripped myself off for my catapult magazine column this month, using one of my previous blog entries ("Haul out the holly") as a springboard to talk about the grossly inappropriate music we North Americans tend to listen to in the weeks (sometimes months) preceding December 25. I also make some recommendations--of which you people got a sneak preview--for tunes that better suit Advent season. (I didn't mention that Mariah Carey song, but after hearing it in a store again yesterday, I think I could make a pretty good argument about the virtues of its longing and exuberance. And its awesome jingle bell beat.)

You can read the column here. It looks like it still needs some tweaking as far as the format goes, but thar she blows!

ETA (12/20/04): BW, who was hosting the Sufjan songs on his website, has taken them down because they require too much of his bandwidth. If anyone would like to host the songs on her or his own site and has the bandwidth to do so, please contact me and I will put you in touch with BW.


At 12/17/2004 6:21 PM, Blogger Danielle said...

I'm having a weird "It's a Small World after All" experience. Cue the children's chorus.

#1. The Catapult Connection: I saw your articles over at Catapult, which seems to be greatly populated by Dordt alumni, and I feel a connection as I am originally from Sioux Center.

#2. The Michigan Connection: I did some time in SW Michigan. (I'm pointing to my hand map, in case you can't tell.) Lived in Allegan for almost three years, which I'm sure you know is a mere hop, skip, and jump from G.R. My new roommate is actually from G.R. too. Small weird.

#3. The Jeshua Connection: This was the weirdest of all... but we had work-study together in the theatre at Luther. My college career was brief, but it's hard to forget a name like that.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. Have a lovely day!

At 12/23/2004 6:02 PM, Blogger JosiahQ said...

I'm also an evangelical expat, I'm also kindof a Presbyterian expat, of a sort.

Anyways, I'm hosting all the Sufjan Christmas Albums on my blog here:

the directly link to the post with the files is here:


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